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Appointment Information

Patient appointments may be scheduled by calling (219) 659-0333 or fill out the form online. Our patient coordinators are also able to help callers who are not sure as to the type of physician best suited to address their particular medical situation.

What should New Patients bring with them to their first appointment?

  1. Medical Insurance card(s)
  2. Photo ID Card
  3. A list of current medications, including dosage if applicable
  4. A copy of medical records if applicable
  5. New patients are encouraged to complete the forms on the Forms page, print them and bring them on their first visit.
    (you may click here to view, fill in, and print those forms)

Occu-Med Express Medical Clinic accepts all forms of private insurance including Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Employer-Based Insurance, Medicare and Medicaid. Flexible financial arrangements are possible.

       Please contact us at (219) 659-0333 for more information

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